Schmopera 05/09/15 In review: shadow box Last night I went with conductor, pianist, and man of Against the Grain Theatre Topher Mokrzewski to hear The Bicycle Opera Project, at, well, a bike shop…[read full article]

Toronto Star 03/09/15 Bicycle Opera heralds a new kind of ring cycle
A two-minute composition, played entirely on bicycle bells, is the way Bicycle Opera kicks off its opera program…[read full article and watch video]

CBC The National 19/07/14 The Bicycle Opera Project gives venerable art a new spin A group of young singers is bringing the classical art form to cities across Ontario by bicycle, Deana Sumanac reports [watch video]

CBC News 18/07/14 Bicycle Opera Project gears up with expanded tour Unconventional touring company hitting Ontario cities this summer It’s tough to imagine an opera singer wiping off sweat and bicycle grease before walking on stage, but a new company is all about defying the opera clichés…[read full article]

CBC Music 17/07/14 Inventive Canadian opera companies on the move this summer The Bicycle Opera Project may well be the world’s most ecological touring opera company. Its members travel from town to town on pedal power, bringing contemporary Canadian opera with them…[read full article]

Toronto Star 12/07/14 Bicycle Opera in gear for five-week tour There’s a new kind of opera riding into town. Seven young, fit opera singers and musicians are pedaling their bikes to 13 Ontario cities this summer, pulling their props and instruments behind them in trailers…[read full article]

Vancouver Observer 07/07/14 Bicycle Opera wheels into rural Ontario Rather than berate his audience for the foolishness of car culture, composer Tobin Stokes wrote a comic opera called Bianchi about the bicycle. Tobin calls it “five minutes of silliness”…[read full article]

Blouin Artinfo 23/09/13 Contemporary Opera on Wheels: Bicycle Opera Project Good weather and physical stamina matter as much to the Bicycle Opera Project as a superbly-trained voice and a captivating aria. For two years now, the young, Toronto-based opera company has toured exclusively by bicycle, toting its small-scale contemporary opera productions across southern Ontario in July…[read full article]

Stratford Beacon Herald 26/07/13 Bicycle Opera Project roles into Stratford Summer Music this weekend Hitting the open road on a bicycle while pulling a trailer full of props and instruments is good for the lungs. But that’s not the motivation behind the journey four vocalists and three musicians have embarked on this summer. The idea behind the Bicycle Opera Project is to introduce the art form to a new audience…[read full article]

Bayfield Breeze 24/07/13 Bicycle Opera performers cycle their way into the hearts and homes of villagers At the evening concert held at the Bayfield Town Hall, an enthralled full house watched this talented group perform their interpretations of vignettes from six contemporary Canadian operas – some humorous, some thought-provoking and some dramatic…[read full article]

CMC Notations PEDAL POWER Canadian opera shifts gears  …In addition to admiring the novelty and entrepreneurial spirit of the musicians, we here at Notations were excited to learn that three CMC associates were being programmed including Brian Harman, Anna Höstman, and Juliet Palmer. We spoke with Larissa to find out how the project got started, and how a tour can be pulled together with limited resources…[read full article]

Kingston Whig Standard 08/07/12 A bicycle (band) built for six …And the fact all six cycling musicians are full of talent doesn’t hurt either. With about 40 people in the audience Sunday, Sydenham Street United Church was filled with the sweet, full sound of perfectly-trained voices filling the arched, high ceilings and drifting out onto the street. With soft-stringed accompaniment, the performance took all of the musical aspects of opera, and melded them beautifully with modern-day themes, such as the selection from Rob Ford: The Opera that made their program…[read full article] 27/06/12 The Bicycle Opera Project tunes-up It’s not uncommon to associate the opera with heavy-set women in grand old concert halls, belting out something in German that’s likely grounded in Norse folklore. The prospect of another Brun Hilda in a corset might very well be the reason so many folks shudder at the prospect of spending an evening out at the opera. But this association is likely to be turned on its head this summer, one bicycle stop at a time…[read full article]