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2015 Call for Works

By February 18, 2015No Comments

February 18, 2015

The Bicycle Opera Project is seeking operatic compositions by Canadian composers for our 2015 summer tour.

About us: The Bicycle Opera Project brings Canadian, contemporary, accessible opera to communities across Ontario, travelling exclusively by bicycle. The project seeks to bridge the gap between audiences and performers, and demythologize opera for new audiences by performing in intimate and unique venues, singing in English, and programming repertoire with contrasting musical styles and modern themes.

After three seasons, The Bicycle Opera Project has received acclaim across the country and internationally for its innovation and quality artistry, including sell-out performances, engagements at major Ontario music festivals, and with press headlines and TV coverage around the world. Last season included 21 performances across southern Ontario, including major music festivals such as Stratford Summer Music, Westben Arts Festival, and Toronto Summer Music Festival. This is a great professional opportunity for both emerging and veteran composers alike.

What we are looking for: In addition to works already selected for our 2015 tour, we are looking for additional operatic works to include in our program.

Submissions may be complete works, one complete scene, or a section of a larger opera that works as a stand-alone piece. Submissions can use any combination of: soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone, and should be scored for piano (or have a piano reduction). The selected composers will be offered an honorarium to re-score their works. The 2015 instrumentation is piano, cello, and violin.

We encourage submissions with a wide range of dramatic content, as we like to program a variety of contrasting works: comedy, romance, murder, contemporary political and social issues, and everything in between. We also welcome musical theatre submissions.

Submission deadline: March 9th, 2015

Please include: Score (piano reduction preferable), recording (if no recording is available, please submit recordings of previous works), and a brief & casual statement of interest.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of Bicycle Opera members and guest composers.

Please email submissions to: