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Blog entry #2 – What Chris Ate

By July 19, 2014No Comments


Diary of a Relapsed Teen: #whatchrisate

by Chris Enns

Bike opera promised two things. Bikes. And opera. I was ‘prepared’ for both of these… Well at least mentally…. But I wasn’t prepared for the thing that is fast consuming my life in a way that hasn’t been the case for 12 years.

I can’t stop eating.

There is no burger big enough. No well beaned salad with enough protein. No obscenely sized snack bag varied enough. To satisfy my teenage desires.

So as I eat these shortbread cookies (2 for a dollar! How can you lose?) I want to talk about this.

First let me explain that for the first time in my life, in the group, I find myself in the minority. 4 vegetarians to only three of us carnivores. And out of the three remaining one has a complicated relationship with gluten and dairy and the other swoons (but … Like not in a romantic lovely way, more of a … Get the epi pen way) for eggs and shellfish.

That leaves me as the only one of our stalwart crew fully qualified to keep you up to date on the incredible food we’ve been putting in our bodies over the last few weeks.

So, in this, our first one together, let’s not start with what separates us, but what bonds us as a team.


Once thought of as a treat on a weekend, or job well done, dessert is now the most important meal of the day. You can learn a lot about people by their dessert opinions, whether it’s the coy way Chelsea asks of everyone has had a brownie (gluten free black bean brownies with avocado frosting curtesy of Julie Ludwig), or Tristan and Steph discussing the perfect buttertart.

Steph: runny filling, no raisins
Tristan: the one that’s in front of him

Dessert brings us together. Daily ice creams, shared chocolate swirls during bike breaks, those insanely tasty oat bars Tristan’s mom made. We’ve had award winning pie in Warkworth, and rhubarb crumble in Kitchener. I won’t go about rating food in these food updates, because when you’ve just biked 80 km everything you eat is the best meal you’ve had in your life.

So, avid readers, I know you all wish there was a way to support us and so please have a piece of pie, a tart, a few cookies and help us eat our way across Ontario. Snap a picture and tweet us with the hashtags #bop2014 #whatchrisate #eatingacrossontario
As always your sacrifice is appreciated

My cookies are done… So I guess this blog is too.

Eat well. And if you can’t. Eat a lot.