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Blog entry #3: What Steph Learned

By July 21, 2014January 23rd, 2015No Comments


Things I’ve Learned (in no particular order)

by Stephanie Tritchew

1. If you think you’re getting ahead by buying a cheap poncho for $6 instead of a good rain shell, you’re not.

2. a) Miracle Whip is not real mayonnaise
b) People eat real mayonnaise with fries
instead of ketchup

3. The best cycling album in the whole entire world is ABBA Gold.

4. The gears are there for an actual reason.

5. The first wall is mental. #thingsialreadyknew

6. Instrumentalists practice way more than singers.

7. Rhubarb is actually tasty in pie.

8. Sometimes wizards get tired of the magical life and decide to join bicycle opera tours as flautists. #iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer

9. Ninja turtle shirts come in sizes that adult men can wear.

10. Despite popular belief, the cycle from Campbellford to Cobourg is not downhill.

11. Open up a tax free savings account! #lifehacksfrombillets

12. It’s always in the other pannier.