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Farewell Nova Scotia: The Ballad of the Bikes

By August 19, 2015No Comments

Farewell Nova Scotia: The Ballad of the Bikes

There’s something about 27 hours on a train that can warp your sense of time a little bit….

And so, even though it’s only been a few days since we were on the east coast, it feels like much much more. And as happy as I am to be back in Ontario, today I miss the breeze coming off the ocean and the lack of humidity (Seriously this humidity might have us missing the Nova Scotian hills in a hurry).

Last night we officially kicked off the Ontario leg of our tour with a show in Bracebridge. So if you’re anywhere in Ontario check out the TOUR SCHEDULE and book those TICKETS

But before we completely move on I’d like to take a moment to toast the glory that is the east coast.

This summer was my first trip to this part of Canada, I’d heard so many things, and it sure didn’t disappoint.

There are some of those things that came as no surprise: gorgeous ocean and country. But the thing I think we’ll all remember is the incredible people we’ve crossed paths with over the last few months.

I’d love to go through you all, but I’m sure to forget too many…. So instead a short (but epic) ballad to remember our time in Nova Scotia.

The Ballad of the Bikes

BOP Day One - 1
Come gather round and I’ll tell you a tale of 8 bikes, a few bells and a cello
Who traveled o’er hills of the fair Nova Scotia
Dispensing a new kind of bellow.

Not the kind that’d been heard through vale and through glen play’d on fiddle and boron and pipe
But the voice of New Opera, Canadian and strong now rang clear
In the still of the night.

BOP Blog Lemons and Lilies 2

We had some tough days, and they cost a few knees, but our smiles withstood every blow
And no matter the rain, dehydration or hills, it was always “on with the show”

And they came, oh they came, the warmest of folks to hear all the stories we wove
And they clapped and they laughed and shed a few tears. And then it was back on the road


We’ve been a few places, with opera and bikes and have always been glad that we came
But to leave the east coast, with it’s beauty and friends… That hardship is hard to explain.

But we’ll never forget the folks that we met, o’er oat cakes, and dancing and beer.
There’s nothing to say that will quite say enough… Except… “Hope to see you next year” 😉